Renovation and Design

Your Home Speaks of YOU. What Would You Like it to Say?

Good interior design and decorating is as much about practicality, comfort and detail as it is about style and aesthetics. A designer who is asked to improve a home or to plan one from scratch would first try to find out exactly how the occupants live in order to establish their style, and then determine the best ways to apply that style through decorating.

Choosing a style can be just as intimidating as selecting colour schemes for your home. But, just as with colour, there are certain criteria to follow. Look at what you have now and note what elements you like, trying to determine why you do. Think about why a particular room gives you pleasure.

That’s Brenda’s approach in offering advice for new and on-going renovation and design projects. A private consultation can provide the direction you need to help you on your way. By conducting a full review and listening carefully to your needs and wish-list items, we’ll determine what you feel works best and what doesn’t. A plan for your home will come out of that consultation that ensures what is achieved will make the end result uniquely yours and avoid expensive mistakes.

Recommendations are provided on all materials and finishes – flooring, countertops, cabinetry, lighting and upholstery – to complete the project. As a part of the design “team” you have input into what will make this a most rewarding experience.

Toronto Floorplan drawing

  • Full design
  • Space analysis and planning
  • Floor plans
  • Kitchen and bathroom planning
  • Millwork design
  • Storage design
  • Trade sourcing
  • Product sourcing and shopping services
  • Furniture and Artwork installation plan
  • Custom Window Treatments and re-upholstery

“Brenda has exceptional knowledge and really listens to the client. There is no cookie cutter approach. She seeks out that special piece with a genuine enthusiasm. She is a pleasure to work with . She managed to make the renovation experience pleasurable (a hard feat !). I am sitting in my condo enjoying all. She is hands on with assembly and placement. She met all deadlines and respected my budget.”
Lesley C., Toronto

‘I know what I want… I think.’

Brenda listens and tunes in, then builds on the client’s good ideas, edits the common mistakes and puts an end to indecision and second guessing. She is your design ally – there to help you with the decision-making process to be sure the pressure of it all never becomes too much to take.

“Brenda was wonderful to work with. We knew exactly what we wanted but didn’t know how to execute our vision. Brenda caught on to the idea right away and found creative ways to implement our concept. In the end Brenda produced what we had wanted but then made it even better. I would highly recommend Brenda!”
Shona W., Mississauga

Save time and money

Clients say a consultation saves more than it costs – sometimes a lot more!

Custom Window Treatments

Custom draperies and window coverings are tailored to your home and full installation services are provided. Choices can be made from blinds to shutters to draperies, all depending on your style, needs and budget.

“Dear Brenda: Just a wee note to thank you once again for all your good work. To say I’m thrilled would be an understatement! I can’t believe drapes make such a difference to a room — but they do. They are perfect in weight, style, color, everything. Peter and I catch each other just standing at the doorway looking — or rather admiring the finished product. Thank you for really pulling it all together. We look forward to working with you again.”
Peter and Lynn, Mississauga

With just the right elements any room can be decorated to fit your distinctive style.

Remodeling and Home Design
Our clients say…

Working with you is always successful team work. Beyond the fact that you are very professional, you are always accommodating my clients’ needs. Always in time, always giving good advice and different options, always following my impossible dead line and, most impressive, all these combined with the nicest smile and the friendliest laugh. I am looking forward to more years of successfully working together

Rose Printz
Sutton Group Admiral Realty, Toronto