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The Importance of a Five-Year Facelift

We all know how quickly five years go by. For example, let’s take a look in our closets at home. If we’re still wearing clothing from five years ago, chances are good that they are the real classics that withstand the test of time, because popular styles and colours change regularly.

Like the fashion industry, trends for the home come and go, and we see the most significant changes in about five year increments. Even the colour of paint we choose to put on our walls tends to follow fashion trends. Standards change, and in order for us to benefit the most from owning a home, we need to change with those standards.

For as long as I can remember, it’s been kitchens and baths that have sold homes. The WOW factor in the kitchen today is typically the granite or quartz countertop. Even here, we’re starting to think outside the box with glass counters, and even coloured concrete.

Pickled wood had its time in the spotlight for kitchen cabinetry. But the elements that are strong for cabinetry right now is white or light grey to create large bright spaces, together with natural wood finishes to help ground the space.
I’m sure we remember the harvest gold and avocado green appliances. Gratefully, they are things from yesteryear, and have been replaced with the new standard: Stainless steel – because of its universal appeal, its ability to provide a sterile surface, and because of its association with luxury.

Laminate flooring was a great innovation that offered an inexpensive upgrade to vinyl sheet flooring. But, today, we are using porcelain tiles, slate and hardwood as preferred treatment.

While decorative elements that are strong right now might be natural finishes like wood or stone, they are being complimented with shiny metallic surfaces, glass and even crystal for a little bling. And let’s not forget about lighting details. Remember that each of our main rooms needs three different sources of light – from natural light, to task lighting to ambient or mood lighting.

For both kitchens and baths, updated tiles reign supreme. The direction of installation, from horizontal to vertical to diagonal can add particular interest. In the right kitchen design, tin backsplashes make the perfect statement.

In bathrooms, vanities and mirrors can change the space from blah to SPA! Large walk-in shower stalls, with or without curbs to step over, are allowing our aging population with hip and knee problems to still enjoy their shower. And here, too, the use of marble makes an elegant statement.

One of the most important considerations in the home is storage. We are seeing the move toward living in smaller spaces, and we can do that so long as we have a place to put everything we own, so building in extra storage is an important component.

If homeowners undertake one major project every five years, it helps to keep the home up to date and well maintained. I always feel badly for sellers who go through the work of updating their home just to put it on the market. Keeping things updated regularly allows you to enjoy the results yourself, while at the same time staying ready for putting your house on the market should that ever become necessary.

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