Paint Consultation to redecorate a home

Colour Consultations

Colour is not just paint. It’s made by light bouncing onto different surfaces and being reflected back to you. So how colour works in your home will be effected by what lighting is available, from the kind of light provided by your lighting fixtures to what kind of light comes through your windows. The same colour swatch can change dramatically from one room to another, depending on your light sources.

Trained in Colour Theory, Brenda works with you to choose the exact colours from the thousands of choices available, to ensure your home flows properly from room to room. If you’ve ever spent a day driving from paint store to paint store picking up colour samples only to get them home and find they are all wrong, you know how valuable a proper colour consultation is.

Suggestions are also made for creative ways to use paint and colour that will make your home individual to you. For instance, colour blocking makes a huge impact and ensures one-of-a-kind décor.

example of Colour Blocking for home decorating
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Our clients say…

I was immediately taken by Brenda’s personable manner. She is easy to talk to, and when we needed her services she listened well to our needs and added her own creative expertise. The result was exactly what we needed – the reason why we hire professional people to get the job done right the first time.

D. West, Richmond Hill