Who is Reveal its Appeal?

Brenda Aalto, Home Staging Professional

Brenda Aalto is the Principal Designer and Certified Interior Decorator at Reveal its Appeal. Reveal its Appeal came to be out of a passion for all things related to excellence in home design. Brenda has been providing clients with Furniture, Window and Floor Coverings, Bedding and Accessories, Interior Designs and residential Renovation Plans for more than a decade. She has a particular passion for Kitchen and Bathroom Designs, and creating both beautiful and functional spaces within the home.

Why hire Reveal its Appeal?

Brenda has strong working relationships with general contractors and tradespeople who bring a wealth of knowledge derived from years of experience in the building industry. Workrooms that produce beautiful draperies and linens from personally sourced materials. Paint colour recommendations to enhance every room based on your tastes and her training. What does that mean to you? We bring an eye for detail that has been trained in design principles, and the know-how to do the work properly and professionally.

And as a certified Eco Professional, Brenda makes recommendations to help homeowners improve their homes in a way that is friendly to our environment. Ask the questions: How long will it last? What is the total energy involved in getting that product to my door? Can it be recycled? We can each do our 10% to improve our world.”

“Really amazing job. Well done. I know that was a lot of work. Thank you.”
M.S., Toronto

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Our clients say…

Thank you for everything. You truly are amazing! I will not put anything on the market without your touch!

Lisa Patel, Royal LePage Signature Realty Inc. Toronto